Colonial Bail Bonds

How Bail Bonds Work

Cost of Using a Licensed Bail Bondsman?


The premium of the bond, know as a bond fee (what a bondsman can charge), is regulated by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice System (DCJS). Which can by found in the Code of Virginia, 9.1-18.8:


A licensed bail bondsman shall not charge a bail bond premium less than 10 percent or more than 15 percent of the amount of the bond. A licensed bail bondsman shall not loan money with interest for the purpose of helping another obtain a bail bond.  

Bond Premium (Fee)

A bail bondsman will charge you a percentage of the total amount of the bond, which is non-refundable. Usually 10 percent, plus any administrative fees. For instance, if the bond is 5,000 you can expect to pay a minimum of 500.00, but no higher than 750.00.

****Keep in mind that any bondsman charging less than 10% or well over 15% may be in violation of the Code of Virginia. The bail bond industry is very much regulated, and is your right to know the law.

Administrative Fees

Administrative fees may be add to the bond according to 9.185.8:


An administrative fee may be charge by a bail bondsman, not to exceed reasonable costs. Reasonable costs may include, but not limited to, travel, court time, recovery fees, phone expenses, administrative overhead and postage.

What about financing?

We do offer financing to those who cannot pay the entire fee. In most cases we will accept at minimum of half down and financing on the remaining amount. We understand that each case can be different, so we recommend you giving us a call so we can work together to meet your bail needs.