How Bail Bonds Work
Cost of Using a Licensed Bail Bondsman?   The premium of the bond, know as a bond fee (what a bondsman can charge), is regulated by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice System (DCJS). Which...
County of Chesterfield
Bail Bonds Colonial Heights VA 24 Hour: 804-895-5494 Chesterfield County Jail Address: 6900 Mimms Drive Chesterfield, VA 23832 Ph: 804-748-1476 Web: Chesterfield County Jail Sheriff   Bail Bonds At Colonial Bail Bonds we proudly provide bail bonding service to...
City of Richmond
Bail Bonds Richmond VA 24 Hour: 804-895-5494 24/7 Bail Bonding Service for the Richmond City Jail Whether it is the Richmond City Jail or the temporary Richmond Jail Detention, known as the Richmond City Lockup. Let our services...

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Colonial Bail Bonds provides professional bail bonding service in the Richmond Va, Henrico, Chesterfield, New Kent, Williamsburg, Colonial Heights, Petersburg, Hanover and surrounding areas. Our services are available 24 hours 7 days a week to meet your bail bonding needs. We will work with you to provide courteous service even after your loved one is released.

Bail Process

The process of posting bail is quite similar in most counties and cities – but each person’s bail circumstance is different and unique. Not everyone faces the same charges, jurisdictional courts, or have the same amount of bond. At Colonial Bail Bonds we make it our goal to provide you with prompt service, up to date information, and most of all – licensed bail agents who know the bail bonding process. Whether the person incarcerated needs to be bonded out in Richmond City or the northern Virginia area – call us 24/7 for your bail bonding needs.

Reliable Service You Can Trust

For reliable service, upfront costs (thru the good, bad, and ugly), a company who puts your best interests in mind, and where discretion is key you have come to the right place. For instance, if you need a bail bondsman for the Richmond City Jail, then you are looking for a bail bondsman in Richmond Va who is local to the area and knowledgeable about the bail bonds process.


Colonial Bail Bonds offer financial payment plans for those who qualify. We understand that not everyone faces the same bond amount or financial circumstances surrounding bail. Give us a call so we can answer all your questions surrounding bail and the process of bail.

Our Approach

Let us take this bail bonding system, which can be complicated and very expensive, and simplify it by walking you through the process and responsibility. Using a bail bonds agency can cost you a fraction of the total amount of the bond – relieving financial burden from the family.

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