Choosing a Great Bail Bondsman

Choosing a Great Bail Bondsman

More often than not, the process of choosing which bondsman to use is similar to the process of choosing a lawyer. You would not want just any lawyer. Quite sure you would not chose a lawyer whose experience is in law suits when you want a criminal lawyer. You want a lawyer who is experienced. Preferably a lawyer who has experience with your case.


You Choose a Bail Bondsman Based on who is Ranked First on Google….

That is not how you choose a great bail bondsman. You choose a great bail bondsman by doing a minimum amount of research.


Well How Can I do that….

One way you can look up a bondsman is by using their DCJS (which all bail bondsmen are issued) – otherwise known as their Department of Criminal Justice System license number. By using a DCJS issued license number, identified by that specific bondsman, you can find out if they have been reported; if others have had problems with that bondsman. You can find many bondsmen’s DCJS License number listed somewhere on their website.


What about the Better Business Bureau….

Wait… I’m getting to that.

Yes. Most bondsmen are accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). On the BBB website you can find their grading/ranking, complaints that have been reported against them – basically any discrepancies. Even if they are not an accredited Bail Bonding company, you still will able to look their business up on the Better Business Bureau. If someone is unsatisfied with a service, someone will make it their interest to report a discrepancy.


The Best Form of Advertisement Is Word of Mouth….


Many times we choose a bondsman based on word of mouth. We call this: referred Bondsman. Someone referred a bondsman to you because they may have used them at one point. We often generally feel comfortable using a bondsman who we know well has used.


I Don’t Know Anyone Who Has Used a Bondsman…

Don’t fear.

That’s where you will go back to how to research a Bondsman, and from that point you can begin to make aN informed decision on choosing a bondsman.


So Don’t Choose a Bondsman Based on Their Ranking In Search Engines?

Well…what I’m saying is that should not be your only reason for choosing a bondsman, because their placement on Google tells a person nothing about their service – such as their history of being a bondsman, ethics, complaints, business practices, and so on. Their ranking or placement on Google tells you that they have optimized their search engine visibility on the internet– and most bondsmen know you’ll pick who is first on Google – and do little to zero research.

Again, How Do I Choose a Great Bail Bondsman?


•    Better Business Bureau website
•    Using a Bondsman’s DCJS License #
•    A Referred Bail Bondsman

Now with these easy and simple steps, you are one step closer to choosing a great Bail Bondsman.

Remember, typing Bail Bondsman in Richmond, VA in a search engine tells you little about a Bondsman’s ethical practices.