Bail Bondsman Richmond Va

Bail Bondsman Richmond Va

Bail Bondsman Richmond VA

24 Hour: 804-737-4653

24/7 Bail Bonding Service for the Richmond City Jail

Whether it is the Richmond City Jail or the temporary Richmond Jail Detention, known as the Richmond City Lockup. Let our services work for you.

Richmond City Jail


1707 Fairfield Way
Richmond, VA 23223
Ph: 804-646-6692

​Bail Bonds

Our bail bonding services include traffic, criminal, misdemeanor, felony, and appeal bonds. Call 804-737-4653 for a bail bondsman in Richmond Va. We will explain the bonding process, posting bond, what's expected of the defendant and the cosigner, and all upfront costs.

Professional Services

Whether it is a traffic, criminal, felony, misdemeanor or appeal bond, call our office 24 hours a day for all your bail bond needs. Our services include, but not limited to: posting bail for misdemeanor, felony, traffic, criminal, appeal bonds. At Colonial Bail Bonds, it is our goal to provide a professional, confidential, and most of all, respectful service. We understand there are hundreds of agencies any family member can choose from - but let our reputation speak for itself.

Bail Bondsman Richmond Va

call: 804-737-4653

24 Hour Bail Bonds